From traditional, classical to modern expressions inspired by "sacred sounds" from all cultures and religions. 7th House Moon came together to manifest  Light, Life and Love in humanity. We bring Aquarian Music for the New Age. Using guitars, synthesizers, percussion, and crystal bowls creating a new sound for all to enjoy.
With all Blessings and Love.



July 12th 2017 12:30pm - 2:00pm Lower Garden stage
July 16th 2017 1-3:00pm Lower Garden stage with special guest RAVEN WOLF
Bishop Educational Gardens
13200 Little Cola Rd. Rockbridge Ohio

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Equinox is an evocative mutli-genre fusion created just for Trance Dance under the direction of Rita Carnevale.
It is available on iTunes and Amazon

About Us

Ben Nagel on crystal bowls, percussion, gong, and keyboards.
"Marcus and I first met in September of 1971. I think from that moment we knew the connection of our souls. About 7 years later Jo came onto my life and we have been soulmates ever since. 7th House Moon's expression of sound is reflective of our individual evolvement over the last 30 some years."
Joann Nagel on crystal bowls, gong, percussion, and more!!!
"It is with Love and Joy that I get to create this Music with my HusBen and Good Friend(s). And now I get to share it with You."
Marcus Janoski on guitar, guitar sythesizer, percussion, and keyboards.
"This music has been in the making for quite some time. Our music is all about love, healing, and compassion. I have been influenced by every bit of music I ever have heard. Classical, jazz, flamenco, Indian, world, Tibetan, bluegrass, and new age just to name a few."


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